Ridgeview Elementary School

Fourth Grade PEAK



Personal Growth and Development discussions and activities help students set and evaluate goals, demonstrate persistence, improve performance, work effectively in groups, and integrate knowledge of self, gifted issues and strategies for personal problem solving.



Fourth Grade-“Investigate World Problems”:  During this time students develop their information processing, communication, creative, and critical thinking skills.  Students find and evaluate resources, take notes, synthesize their information and create a writing piece as they investigate world problems.  

Fifth Grade-“How Do We Know?”:  During this time, students hone their information processing, communication, creative, and critical thinking skills.  Students find and evaluate resources as they investigate an area or topic of the brain to study. Throughout the research, students try to answer the question, “How Do We Know?”.  Students use all of the writing, design, and technology skills they’ve learned to create a brain museum that conveys their research.




Independent Investigations:  

Independent Investigations is an independent research time that gives students a chance to explore subjects of personal interest.  Students choose from a wide variety of subjects in the arts, engineering, history, sciences, literature and technology.  Students begin by writing an essential question to drive their learning.  Then, utilizing Bloom’s Taxonomy, they apply the skills they learned to complete a variety of activities and create a final project to communicate what they’ve learned.



The students apply their problem solving skills through a series of problems called Problemoids.  The fourth grade book presents a problem and then follow-up problems using the same strategy.   The fifth grade book presents extended problems .Fifth grade students also spend time delving into a hands-on Algebra unit. In addition, students may choose to participate in a national math competition and various math investigations will be integrated throughout the year.



The students use technical reading skills to extend science concepts from the classroom with a different topic each year.  Intermediate Science emphasizes the scientific method as well as technical reading. Fourth graders design scientific tests to validate advertising claims while fifth graders explore qualitative research.


This Semester in 4th GRADE PEAK




9:30 Arrive at Ridgeview
10:50-11:20 Recess
12:45-1:10  Lunch
3:00 Return to Building