Ridgeview Elementary School

Inspiring Young Makers

 Thank you to the Liberty Public School Foundation for their support of the Roadrunner Makerspace.  The featured electronics were provided through a LPSF grant.  Also, a 2015-16 LSDF grant purchased a sewing machine and workbench for the Makerspace. 

Rube Goldberg


Makers & Makerspaces!

Look at the following videos to develop maker mindset.  
Take NOTES from the videos on the Makerspace graphic organizer.

  1. Maker movement   

  2. What is a Makerspace? Drawing

  3. What is a Makerspace? Wideo

  4. Futuremakers - https://vimeo.com/50586397

  5. What is a Makerspace?  St. Louis

Create or Make Ideas

Stop Motion Animation

Video Game Programming

for the artist in you

Inspiring Makers

Got Cardboard! BUILD!

3D Printing