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Welcome to Ridgeview Kindergarten!

Welcome to kindergarten where great things happen and little learners become LEADERS! 

"A person's a person, no matter how small!" Dr. Seuss


Classroom Teachers

Ms. Boutz    Mrs. Long   Mrs. Rieger   

Kindergarten 2016-2017!!

Student Links

Lexia 5-use your teacher's email the first time, then use student username and password to log in


Monthly Reading Goals

Every Monday your child will come home with new books in their reading folder.  We have introduced and read through these books as a class as well as underlined/circled sight words.  You will also find a monthly reading log where you can track pages read each night.  Remember to fill this out and return at the end of each month. 

Animated Alphabet Actions


Kindergarten Sight Words

 1st Quarter

see, the, can

you, a, I

an, and, me

we, yes, no

is, if, in

on, said


2nd Quarter

like, by, up

at, go, so

have, her, of

look, he, she

as, to, do

was, my


3rd Quarter

am, are, be,

for, it, not

but, had, did, 

all, will, what

with, get, his, us